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Managed Care – Our View

“I’d like to come to your office, but you’re not on my managed care plan and my insurance company won’t let me.”

Unfortunately, this phrase has been heard in doctor’s offices around the country as managed care health insurance plans continue to change the face of medicine and eyecare. We’ve also heard this comment from our own patients. While we have joined several insurance plans, we haven’t joined them all and have flatly refused to join many. We’d like to explain why.

managed careWe continually upgrade and assess the equipment and technology that supports the care of our patients. Our staff is highly trained and undergoes constant re-evaluations. We’ve always prided ourselves on the up to date eye health care we provide and the quality of service our patients receive.

In fact, our office’s quality of care and unique instrumentation are often written about in internationally published optometry journals. Our office procedures are used as a benchmark of excellence by others around the country. Needless to say, we’ve worked very, very hard over the last twenty years to achieve this level of patient service and are proud of our accomplishments.

Therefore, we are extremely selective when deciding which managed care plans we will join. We will continue to refuse those managed care plans that won’t allow us to practice professional, compassionate and complete eye health care. Our patients deserve and expect a lot from us and we have a professional obligation and responsibility to deliver.

We will never let an insurance company tell us how to examine your eyes. We highly recommend you analyze any such plans, and the doctors on them, with the utmost scrutiny.

Also, be aware that even if we are not on your plan’s list of eye doctors, you may still use our services. While you may incur some out of pocket expense, you cannot be forced by your insurer to select another eye doctor.

Remember, you can see us anytime, for any reason . . . regardless of your insurance plan.