Dear Dr. Smith,

I hope this email finds you well!

This is just a quick note to thank you so VERY much for taking such wonderful care of my son KJ.
I was going to email you to say this even BEFORE he went back to see you yesterday morning.

You truly are a remarkable man and an extraordinary optometrist with amazing “bedside manner”.
My son cannot believe the difference in the level of care and compassion you provide versus any other eye doctor.

All this being said, please know how much we both appreciate all you do and all you are
With warm regards, Lori

PS How funny was it that I believed it was a cornea scratch and made KJ patch his eye. That’s why I am NOT an eye doctor and simply work here at Staples;)

Lori K.


Dear Dr. Floyd,

A slightly belated “Thank You” to you and your staff for the time, energy and thoughtfulness you showed me last month in trying to fit me for contact lenses. You saw me at all old times, usually without an appointment, reassuring me that it was no bother. Your tenacity and creativity in trying to find a solution for me was indeed remarkable. On top of all that, when I cam in this past Saturday, again without an appointment, tohave the tint removed from my bifocals, your staff cheerfully accommodated me, tightened up another pair of eyeglasses “since I was there” and then gave me a new eyeglass case and lens cleaner at no charge! Really above and beyond what I have the right to expect in service. I am sure this atmosphere is why I have been coming to you for at least another ten years.

Again Many Thanks!


Frances O.


Dear Doctors and Staff,

In the health field it is always gratifying to find that something one does results in a very positive effect on a patient’s well being.
I just thought you would like to know that your office had just that result. During a routine eye examination you reported that my wife had an elevated blood pressure.

This initiated a chain of events which ended in heart surgery to repair an atrial septal defect. She is presently recuperating and doing well. The early recognition (initiated by your optimistic practice) and repair of her problem prevented a sever and possibly irreversible situation.

Bennet W.


Dear Dr. Smith,

Since the time I was told that I needed corrective lenses, (many, many years ago… at age 14) I have never been given the type of professional eye care that I have received from you. This letter took me a few years to compose, (as far back as your association with that eye care chain and my first eye examination by you in 1984). Remembering how you, as usual, gave me more than a thorough examination and detecting a detached retina, when in fact the Ophthalmologist just ignored it by saying “it’s not serious”. Words seem to escape me in my admiration of you, not only as an eye care specialist, excuse me, I mean Optometrist but, more important, as a human being that cares for the welfare of his patients.

Again, as always, it is a definite pleasure to say that I’m one of those patients.

Simon S.


Dear Dr Smith,

Just a quick note to let you knot that I have never had a more thorough or well dont and compassionate eye exam in my whole life. Also, you are one of the most caring and considerate professionals it has ever been my pleasure to meet.

Dianne B.


Dear Dr. Smith and staff,

I just wanted to express how happy I was with my experience at your office. I came in for my (first ever) eye exam. The girls on staff were very sweet, welcoming, and helpful. It is too often that medical office staff have bad attitudes. It was refreshing to see the positive attitude that the girls radiated. There seems to be an abundance of physicians that are socially awkward and even
condescending. Dr smith is NONE of these. He was warm, friendly, and very informative. It’s refreshing to meet a physician that is so genuine. I will always remember his “patient-doctor etiquette” upon becoming a physician and I hope to emulate him.

Thank you so much for being above the rest,

Donna L.


Dear Dr Smith,

I just wanted to express my deep gratitude to you and your staff for your many kindnesses to me. My new glasses are wonderful. I can truly see again. Dr. Smith, you are truly a professional all of the highest degree. Your dedication, compassion and tireless efforts to accommodate me and my vision needs are valued and appreciated beyond words. You elude a warm and caring manner. I am bless to have you as my doctor. I am so very grateful for your time, clarity of explanations and PATIENCE. I know I have been a “trying” patient.

-Carole Ann B.