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About Us

Dr. Floyd Smith

Dr. Floyd Smith

It’s hard to believe that I have been practicing optometry for nearly 30 years and in private practice for 27 of them. I have been so very fortunate to have taken care of so many wonderful patients….from children, adolescents, young teen, adults and seniors.

The personal relationships we have with our patients have allowed us to better care for them over the years. While commitment to technology has always been a component to our success, I would say that excellent care starts with one on one discussion with patients and the proper utilization of that technology.

Experience and perspective helps to treat a wide array of conditions with conventional as well as newer treatment protocols. Our practice continues to invest in today’s technology, strongly believing it will allow for better diagnosis, treatment and education of our patients as we go forward.

Today’s workplace and lifestyles have created greater visual demands than ever before.

Common vision conditions can benefit from the latest innovations in contact lens and spectacle lens technologies. Our goal every day is help improve your visual performance and preserve one of our most precious commodities, your eyesight.

The scope of our general optometric practice will allow for a wide range of vision correction options including Lasik and timely cataract surgery referrals. Our comprehensive eye examination will allow for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts to mention just a few. Ocular allergies and dry eye issues can be treated effectively so that annoying symptoms will no longer be acceptable.

Our highly trained staff will be happy to make your visit a pleasant one. Every day I practice someone will compliment a staff member in private to me. As gratifying as it is to help someone with my skills as a doctor, I must admit how happy I feel when the staff is recognized for their sense of compassion or good listening skills. Accomodating patients busy schedules by having hours six days is a commitment and a responsibility we will always respect.

My staff and I look forward to meeting you and getting to understand your avocations and individual needs so that we may better help to maximize and preserve your vision.

– Dr. Floyd Smith

Our Staff

Annette Skelton – Office Manager

Hi, I'm Annette the office manager. I have known Dr Smith since I and my family were patients 20 years ago. I love working at the front desk and the challenges of running a cutting edge, busy optometric practice. I will help you with your appointments as well as answer questions regarding insurance or individual needs. We can all improve and as such I welcome any suggestions from patients and staff. I've learned with my own experiences that eye care can and should be personal. See you at the desk :-)))) .
Joe Locascio - Optician

Joe Locascio - Optician

My name is Joe and I've been a board certified Optician for the past 25 years. I'm so excited to have found a home at Eyecare Insight and be able practice my craft to its highest standards.

Dr. Smith and his team are the perfect compliment to my skills as great glasses start with a great prescription and frame selection. Yes, I will make your glasses and make sure you love them, too!

I look forward to both meeting and educating our patients and staff on new spectacle lens technologies.

Karen Franco – Optometric Assistant

I have worked for Dr. Smith for the past 15 years and have learned so much about eyecare. I am very proud of the fact that Dr. Smith has entrusted me with the responsibility of training new staff members. There is a lot to learn and sometimes experience is the best teacher. Patients have come to expect our office to provide them with the knowledge to make the right choices for their eyes.

Ann Aprea – Recall Coordinator

I have worked for Dr. Smith for the last fifteen years. My job as recall coordinator is to remind our patients of their yearly appointments. Yes, I am the voice on your answering machine. Work is a gift for me and I love being around the great staff and patients that come to our practice.
Alyssa Melton – Optometric Assistant

Alyssa Melton – Optometric Assistant

Hi my name is Alyssa, I recently joined Dr. Smith and the Eyecare Insight team.

I'd been seeking a career change and when the opportunity knocked I answered! I've been a patient of Dr. Smith for years and am well acquainted with the quality of care that he and his staff provide.

I'm excited and eager to learn and become a valuable asset to the team very soon!
Maria Monturi

Maria Monturi - Ophthalmic Assistant

Hi my name is Maria and I am the new kid on the block. After 20 years of experience in ophthalmology practices, I was looking for a warmer environment. Well, it feels like I moved to Florida!

I am delighted to take my skills and learn new things from Dr Smith and his staff. Hope to meet you at your next appointment and introduce my friendly self.
Alyeen Vizcarra

Alyeen Vizcarra - Optometric Assistant

Hello, my name is Ayleen and I will take you through the pre-testing room prior to your eye exam with Dr. Smith.

I am currently enrolled in college and aspire to become a nurse. Dr. Smith's office has allowed me the great opportunity to grow and learn new things everyday I am there. I have a passion for helping patients truly understand the test procedures and results before the doctor conducts the exam.

I look forward to meeting you during your next visit!